It's Through Great Partnerships That Great Things Happen


In this article from Forbes, a few take aways are important.

  1. Amazon bought Whole Foods for $14 billion (yes, we all knew that but it's still a crazy dollar figure to think about)
  2. Amazon's #1 food item is coffee. (Whoot. Shout out to coffee!)
  3. The #1 coffee item (drumroll.....) San Francisco Bay Coffee.

Such a big thank you to our amazing customers for making this happen and a huge thank you to Amazon.

Amazon Wakes Up And Smells The Coffee

Back in 2013, Brad Stone published a book about Jeff Bezos and Amazon titled "The Everything Store."It won "business book of the year" awards from Forbes, the Washington Post, the Economist and Bloomberg, among others. You can buy a paperback copy (yes, on Amazon) for $11.21.

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