INSIDE SCOOP | Yu Lee - Web Administrator


I have the great pleasure of working with this guy every day. He's funny, smart and super talented.

Please welcome him in the comments of this post and give his interview a read.


1. What is your position at Rogers?

Web Administrator

2. How long have you been working for Rogers?

Almost 9 months

3. What is your favorite hobby?

A full-time hobby: content creation. Art & design, coding, and video games are part of it.

4. Why do you enjoy it so much?

The satisfaction and accomplishment from a creation. With the contents that I create, I hope that they can make a positive impact (even the smallest impact) on someone or something.

5. What is the most interesting thing about you?

Being ambidextrous is useful. I can draw a tree with my left hand and cut out the outline of that tree with scissors in my right hand at the same time. *Full disclosure: I have never tried something like that before though, but it seems possible. 😉

6. If you have a hero, who is it?

Not one, but two heroes: my mom and dad.

7. Why is this person your hero?

Like most refugees who came to settle in the US after the Secret War, my parents had little to no money and knowledge of English. Yet, they were able to raise and guide me and my 8 siblings here while they struggled with low-income, little aid, language barriers, and generational barriers. They aren’t perfect or superheroes, but they are outstanding people who give words of wisdom and encouragement. I am thankful for their support, guidance, and love; through their flaws and strengths, I am able to understand and surpass my own.

8. Finish this sentence – The best advice I ever received was…

Treat others as you would like others to treat you.

9. Scenario: You win the lottery. $300,000,000. What do you do?

Spending it on fun and games would be nice, but ultimately, I want to create a media corporation that will promote, educate, and provide aid/resources to the Hmong culture and people.

10. What is your favorite Rogers coffee?

Surprisingly, I don’t drink coffee even though I work at a company that specializes in gourmet coffee. However, I do drink Rogers tea; the Cinnamon Orange Herbal Tea and Sassafras Herbal Tea under the East India Tea brand are my favorite here.



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