Happy Birthday To Trevor Rogers!


Trevor, son of JR Rogers, turned 10 today so it's time to celebrate with a special Inside Scoop.

The youngest of 4, Trevor or Trevy to his closest friends and family, is a HUGE sports fan.

Not only a fan, but a player. Whether it's soccer, football, or rugby he is a highly skilled competitor.

He also takes his love of sports into the video game world where his favorite is FIFA.

Currently, he is holding 3rd place in the family football pool, so not only is he a skilled player, but he is a skilled tactician.

He also has a fondness for the outdoors and when the family travels to their ranch, Trevor is happy getting outside and casting a line in hopes of catching a big one.

When the travel bug starts to itch, Trevor's favorite destination is Kauai. The most natural of the islands.

Trevor is a perfectly well-rounded young man and yes, he is single ladies.

Happy birthday, Trevor.


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