First Come, First Served

Meet the eldest!

Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers is the eldest son of Jon and Barbara’s four children. He has held a multitude of roles in his time at the company and amid his busy day, he told me a little more about the part he played in San Francisco Bay's success. We talked funny stories about the family, Costco and (of course!) coffee.

Who are you and what is your position at SFBC?
“Hi, my name is Jim Rogers and I am the VP of Sales for San Francisco Bay Coffee Company. I handle our contact and sales with our biggest client, Costco as well as e-commerce for the company, both internal and third party.”

What is your favorite memory of building the business?

“When we got the very first purchase orders from Costco we had never seen orders this large and at the time they only had six locations in the Bay Area. My father, Jon had to call my brother Pete in from studying for midterms at UC Berkeley to roast at night after the regular crew finished.”

What is a funny family story about one of your siblings?

“I walked into my brother Pete’s office one day and there were little pieces of inkjet printer all over the floor. I asked him, ‘Are you having trouble with your printer?” And he answered, “not anymore.”

What is your favorite product we produce?

“They are all excellent, depends on my mood”

San Francisco Bay OneCups

How did we begin working with Costco?

“In 1985 or 1986, my dad and our company developed the first 2-pound vacuum bag which kept the coffee absolutely fresh. My dad and I went to the Costco Bay Area buyer and presented it. Costco did not have a whole bean coffee at the time as they only had six locations in the area and we were still pretty new. I think some of the ‘big guys’ were afraid they wouldn’t be paid. We decided, "what do we have to lose?" And started working together with Costco. That was more than 32 years ago and we are still working with them. That buyer is still at Costco and although that was many buyers ago for me, I consider her a friend.

Which reminds me of another funny story:

My family and I like to walk through Costco, see what members are buying and thank them for buying our product. One day my brother Pete was at Costco and saw a lady with a bag of our coffee. He thanked her for buying our product and talked to her about our quality and our family. All the while, the lady was smiling and nodding. Pete then introduced himself, “Hi, I’m Pete Rogers,” and told her San Francisco Bay was his family's business. To which the woman responded, “Hi, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Sherry, the coffee buyer for Costco.”

What is your favorite part about working with Costco?

“My favorite part about working with Costco would be the people there. They are all bright, dedicated people who are interested in bringing the best possible product to the members at the best possible price. Their level of integrity is such that I have never seen elsewhere.”


Thank you to Jim for sharing some of his memories with me.

I look forward to bringing you, our very valuable customers, a fun introduction to each of the siblings this month. Look out for our article on Friday that goes into a little more depth into our growth and Costco’s involvement.



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  1. Andy 27 February, 2018 at 05:51 Reply

    Dear Sirs, since last year we have been purchasing your SF Bay French roast compostable 1 cup pods from Costco in LA and have become fans of it, unfortunately our last to batches have been falling apart in our keurig coffee maker and would like to bring that quality control issue to your attention. I would like to recommend this coffee to others as well.
    Thank you in advance
    Andres J. Barrueta

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