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The Story Of How This Family Brought SF Bay Coffee To Japan Is Incredible

GUYS! We've got a great story to share with you from an amazing, coffee loving family.

Hello folks at San Francisco Bay coffee,

I thought I would send a note about our favorite coffee going via Costco sales and a new coffee shop to Nara Prefecture, in Gojo, near Osaka, Japan.

For years, our families in Helena, Montana have loved San Francisco Bay coffee.

My son in law and daughter, Joseph and Whitney along with their 2 yr old boy, moved to Haibara, Nara Ken in July 2015. In late August, their second son was born.


One of the most-missed things about living there was your coffee! Making a long story shorter, Joseph and Whitney spoke to management at their local Costco (the best they could due to limited Japanese, haha) and requested San Francisco Bay coffee.

To their great delight, they found that Costco began importing and selling your amazing coffee! They also posted a sign next to their sales signage explaining that the coffee was requested by an American with plans to open a coffee shop in Gojo, Japan.


...That would be our very own little Cathcarts on their first coffee shop venture. The plans are now in the works for the first ever drive-up coffee shop in Gojo.

Their coffee shop will serve exclusively San Francisco Bay Coffee - we can't help but think that "Joe" will do well with your 'Joe' in GOJO!!

I'm also sending a pic of my adorable grandson near your coffee at Costco.

Thanks for making the best coffee ever.

Meredith -

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