A Voice Made For Radio

Meet the voice of the company! John Rogers, or JR, is the third sibling of the Rogers clan. He is our go-to for radio and TV interviews because his 6'4 demeanor sends a lasting message for our company, and he's a really cool dude!

What does your job entail?

While my primary focus is running the sales dept. I also plan all promotions and marketing, new products, costing and review financials. A little bit of everything really….

What was your favorite memory of building the business?

Best memories are of the family sitting around the dinner table discussing work. We were trying to learn all we could about coffee. The discussions we had at dinner were great opportunities to share our experiences.

Do you have a funny story about one of your family members? 

Have to be about me and Pete. My first trip to source back in the late 80’s. I was a pretty seasoned business traveler by then, having traveled all over the US and Europe for trade shows and sales meetings. Packed my bag and had all sorts of clothes for the important meetings we would have in these exciting big cities. I even went out a bought a new pair of dress shoes so I could look extra snappy!! I then packed some nice casual clothes to wear at all the nice restaurants and nightclubs we would visit after work. My bag was stuffed, must have weighed 100 pounds!! I show up at the airport the next am and meet Pete. He has one little backpack, I have a whole closet. I knew I was in trouble. Spent most of the trip sitting in the bed of a pickup truck on muddy mountainous roads. Seems we would get stuck every hour or so, I got really good at

pushing that truck out of the mud! Lugged that bag all around for 10 days and never used 90% of the clothes I bought. Never saw a hotel, office or fine restaurant. Got wet, muddy, cold and saw more coffee farms than most coffee professionals will see in a lifetime. Had the time of my life…….

What is your favorite product we produce?

Hands Down-French Roast. I just love that coffee!!!

What is your favorite part about sales?

Solving problems for our customers.


Thanks JR for telling me a little more about your life!

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  1. Leonora 10 April, 2018 at 14:53 Reply

    Hello Do you know where we can purchase Seattle Mountain Columbian Decaf? Costco sadly no longer sales it. I guess you all sold it?

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