Community Aid - Finca Pueblo Nuevo, Nicaragua

We began purchasing coffee from Pueblo Nuevo in 2003 but our relationship began when our coffee buyer visited many of the 28 farms in 2000. With the buyer’s help, Pueblo Nuevo was organized into a small cooperative to more efficiently pool resources and improve quality. The first step taken towards this goal was to improve the wet mill. USAID was approached for funding but they would not grant funding. A friend, Roberto Bendana, got a group called Klusa involved, and he and Klusa formed the co-op and were given the funds from USAID. We wrote a fixed price contract with the farmers ensuring them an income. We have worked with them to improve crop quality and efficiency and they have named their wet mill San Francisco in honor of us.

2001 - Construction began on the new mill with the help of USAID funds.

2002 - RCF purchased fertilizer to nourish the first coffee crop. We then purchased this crop from the farm at a price well-above market value. Total spent: $15,000

2003 - A small, 2 room school was built, the main road repaired, and toys were purchased to give to the children during the holidays. The new clinic was also tiled and equipped with various supplies and medicine, a nebulizer, a stethoscope, uniforms, a medical table, a defibrillator, and a doctor’s salary (see picture on next page). We still employ one doctor and he sees between 30 and 40 patients a day! We also continued to support a local adult baseball program by funding equipment, uniforms, and transportation to their games. Total spent: $22,000

2004 - Two, 2-room classrooms were added for Dantanli, the local school. Support for the clinic, school, and adult baseball team were also continued. A little league team coached by the adult team was also begun. Total spent: $34,493

2005 - 2006 - Funding for the school, clinic and baseball programs was continued.
Total spent: $3,286

2007 - This year’s project focuses on building a new school for another local community, San Isabel. Existing schools will continue to receive supplies as well. Total budgeted: $30,600

Finca Pueblo Nuevo
Total spent 2001-2006 = $74,349
Total budgeted 2007= $30,600
Total budgeted 2001-2006 = $74,768

Farm basics
Co-op of 28 farms
More than 300 employees

- Capital city: Managua
- Population: 5,675,359
- Export commodities: coffee, beef, shrimp and lobster, tobacco, sugar, gold, peanuts
- % below the poverty line: 48% (2005)
- GDP/ capita: $3,100 (2006)
- Life expectancy: 70.92 (2007)
- Literacy rate: 67.5% (2003)
- Environmental issues: deforestation, soil erosion, water pollution


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