Celebrating new school openings

Coffee Community Aid - COOP - Mataquesquintla

In 2000, we began purchasing coffee from a small group of 75 farmers who live in the Mataquescuintla region. We knew that these farmers were already environmentally conscious being a certified organic farm. Conditions in the community were poor, however, so we've helped them with health clinics, new schools, and much more.

Between 2001 and 2007, we spend upwards of $100,000 building 3 new schools in the region: Zarzal, Pajalito, and Dona Barbara (named after Rogers Family Co. co-founder, Barbara Rogers.)

Now our focus is on supplying the schools, nutrition programs, sanitation education, and generally support of the community such as sponsoring soccer teams.

In 2010, we spent $33,000 for ongoing supplies and food supporting 3 schools.

In 2009, we spent about $33,000 for such support.

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