Cupple Coffee Mugs

5 Space Saving Coffee Mugs

Yesterday we featured Space Saving Coffee Tables and now to carry the organization efforts into the kitchen here are some coffee cups to increase storage space.

Cupple Coffee Mugs

This Cupple Mug has a built-in, ergonomic handle that not only feels good to hold, but fits snugly into the base when not in use. Mount them to a wall or under a cabinet for increased room in your cupboards.

Slim Coffee Mug

No this is not a manipulated photograph. These are actual coffee cups just a slimmer variety. Taking the space saving concept to a new level designer Sharona Merlin has developed the "Slim Cup".

Snap Coffee Mugs

Designed for an artistic representation of space saving technology these Snap Coffee Cups feature the ability to snap together or snap on the handle of your choice.

Stacking Mugs

Save space in the cupboard or on the counter with these stacking mugs. They come with their own stainless steel rack and in countless varieties including a jumbo set over at World Market.


Cube Mug

The Cube Mug is a stack able system that uses Lego like interlocking containers that can turn you cupboard or shelf into an easy and colorful storage solution.


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